This is a picture of two creatures that are disguised as humans on there way to there next victim. They were walking along and they saw a crazed wolf with glowing red eyes and seven inch fangs. The wolf growled at them so the creatures then turn them self’s into spooky scary skeleton and shivered down the wolfs spine to confuse the wolf then through there skulls at the wolf and feasted on the evil wolf that once was.

100 WC

This year my basketball team is very good. When it is the tournament we are not going to lose. When  we get to the championship we are going to play great defense and steel lots of passes. We will also get every single rebound and lose ball that way the other team will not even have a chance. The final score is going to be forty five  to twenty seven and the winner is Logan Elm. That is how my basketball team the Logan Elm Braves is going to win the tournament.

100 WC

This is a picture of a crime scene a crime seen. What happened here was a terrible crime. What happened was a criminal stole a key from someones wallet that way they could break into there house. When the robbers broke in they started to steal every thing in cite but all of a sudden they saw a beast in the darkness the robbers were so frightened that they throw there key into the grass and ran for his life never to be heard from again.

100 WC

Today I am very excited because it was the first day of Art class. When I got to class the teacher said today we are drawing a taxi. So then we all went to go get a yellow pencil but I spilled all the pencils. It was like a waterfall of pencils. After I cleaned up all the pencils we started drawing. The art teacher was saying that if you add the led more heavily it will make a darker line it was the best class I have ever had.

100 Word Challenge

One day Jake and his friends were at basketball practice and one of his friends named Nick jumps up and dunks on Jake. Jake can’t dunk yet so he is now sad that his friends could dunk and he couldn’t. It is not going to be like last year he thought. This year Jake will practice so much that he becomes the best dunker in the whole universe. Now Jake’s job is to travel around the world teaching people dunking lesions.

One Wish

If I had one wish  there would be no people stupid enough to kill other people.  This is my wish because people that stupid do not deserve to live on Earth. I think they should just leave the Milky Way and start their own violent Galaxy that is full of violent people. After all the people that kill other people leave to live at their own Galaxy I think they should never get back on Earth again. Then if they do try to get back to Earth then we will just send them back to there Galaxy.The 35 Brightest Galaxies in the Night Sky | Go Astronomy

100 word challenge transport

Hi This is Mark. I think that the best form of transport is row boots and connues. I think this because there is no pollution when you row a boat and no one can complain because if it takes too long to get somewhere then it is their fault for not rowing fast enough. Also if lot of people get mad because they have too work too hard to get somewhere or if they are too lazy then they can just park their row boat in their row boat garage and stay home.

My Middle School

Hi, This is Mark from McDowell Middle school and I am going to tell you about my school. I am in the 7 grade so this is my first year of middle school. The thing that I like best about middle school is that now we can be on the sports teams.

 This fall I was on the Cross Country Team and I had lots of fun. What I liked most about the Cross Country team is a lot of my friends were on the team and we always had fun playing tag and seeing who is the best at tripping. 

Now that the Cross Country season is over I am on the basketball team. In basketball I have practices every school day. I think that my basketball team is very good and we will probably win some games this year. 

This is all the things I like about McDowell Middle School.

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