100 word challenge transport

Hi This is Mark. I think that the best form of transport is row boots and connues. I think this because there is no pollution when you row a boat and no one can complain because if it takes too long to get somewhere then it is their fault for not rowing fast enough. Also if lot of people get mad because they have too work too hard to get somewhere or if they are too lazy then they can just park their row boat in their row boat garage and stay home.

My Middle School

Hi, This is Mark from McDowell Middle school and I am going to tell you about my school. I am in the 7 grade so this is my first year of middle school. The thing that I like best about middle school is that now we can be on the sports teams.

 This fall I was on the Cross Country Team and I had lots of fun. What I liked most about the Cross Country team is a lot of my friends were on the team and we always had fun playing tag and seeing who is the best at tripping. 

Now that the Cross Country season is over I am on the basketball team. In basketball I have practices every school day. I think that my basketball team is very good and we will probably win some games this year. 

This is all the things I like about McDowell Middle School.

100 WC

This picture does not make me happy. It doesn’t make me happy because I don’t think that humans should be putting lots of polliosion in the air. I think that if the air was that bad everywhere then it would be hard to live. I think it would also be hard for plants to live. I think it would be hard for plants to live because all the dirty air is blocking out the sun and if the plants die then everything would die in a couple of years. That is what I think of the picture.

Image from 100 Word Challenge https://100wc.net/

100 word challenge week #9

One urgent problem in the world is bad driving. And I think people should be more safe. A lot of people are afraid to cross the street because of people running red lights. A lot of people wreck going to fast evacuating hurricanes. Some people even drive too fast on their way to work in their industry. One another thing that makes people wreck is deer. A lot of people hit deer in their car at night when it is hard to see the deer running across the road. Driving is one thing were people need to be more safe.

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